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Registration 2014


 IRONKIDS South Africa is open to all children between the ages of 6 & 13 years and will give these young stars the opportunity to put their mark in the Aquathlon world! The event takes place on Saturday 5 April 2014 from 12:00 noon in Nelson Mandela Bay as part of the IRONMAN South Africa race weekend.  All children swim in their respective age groups, and the distances are as follows:

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Collecting Registration packs

Parents/Guardians must collect the child's registration pack and sign the race waiver during race week at specified registration times.  Failure to do so means the child will not be allowed to participate.  For more information on when to collect packs, click here.  

What will happen on Race Day

Race Day Schedule 2014

Please take note of the POOL OPENING TIMES per wave. Children in the 10 - 13 year age group are recommended to get to the pools around 13:30 as they will not be allowed in before 14:00.

11:45 POOL OPENS – Special Needs participants (Special Needs kids to enter at Swim Exit gate)
11:45 POOL OPENS for 6 – 9 Year participants
12:00 RACE BRIEFING – Special Needs participants
12:30 START – Special Needs event
12:40 RACE BRIEFING for 6 – 9 Year participants
12:50 First Wave (6 – 9), moves to Transition
13:00 START – First Wave (6 – 9)
14:00 POOL OPENS for 10 – 13 Year participants
14:30 RACE BRIEFING for 10 – 13 Year participants
15:00 START for 10 – 13 Year participants
16:30 Last Wave


6 yrs / 7 yrs / 8 yrs / 9 yrs 60m Swim + 1.2km Run
10 yrs / 11 yrs / 12 yrs / 13yrs 100m Swim + 2km Run 

Race Course

Athletes will swim in the pools of the McArthurs Pool and Leisure Centre, then run along the walkway down to the red carpet of the real IRONMAN South Africa finish line to cross under the finisher arch and become an IRONKID South Africa!

How will the swim procedure work?

Kids will enter the McArthurs Pool and Leisure Centre and turn left into the holding pens.  Parents will continue straight into the spectator area.  The kids will be sorted into their waves by volunteers. The kids will listen to a race briefing then start their swim wave in order being called by the announcers and guided by the volunteers.  Once they exit the swimming pool, volunteers will help them put on their shoes and shirts and they will run out the exit gate.  

Ironkids Pool (Public & Parents)

How will the run procedure work?

Kids will run on the walkway from McArthur's to the IRONKIDS finish line at Hobie Beach.  Scouts and volunteers will be stationed along the course and will man a watering zone for kids.  

How will the child check-out procedure work?

Finish Line

  1. When the child comes through the Finish Line, they will receive their medals and goodies and will then be directed to the “Gazebo/holding pen”, where they will wait for their parents.
  2. The parents will enter from the “Parent Entry” area only WHEN THEY CAN SEE THEIR CHILD (guards will monitor this). The child will then be allowed to make their way towards the “kids exit from holding pen” area.
  3. The parent and the child will meet at “Parent exit with child” area.
  4. The parent must hand the "Child Check-Out card" as received at registration to the volunteer/security and make their way out. No child will be released without the corresponding child check-out card.
  5. Parents may not congregate at the exit and may not try to enter from the exit point.

Rules and Regulations:


  • The swim will take place in a pool. 
  • No flippers or flotation devices (6 year olds may swim with flotation device only)
  • Goggles are recommended
  • No kicking / scratching / pulling / etc.
  • Swim caps provided MUST be worn


  • Running shoes are recommended as the run is done on concrete
  • T-shirt provided MUST be worn by ALL participants
  • Obey ALL instructions given by marshals and officials
  • At the finish line children must be collected by a parent/guardian with the relevant security card issued in the registration pack

PLEASE NOTE: Parents are NOT allowed to interfere with race officials or participants/children. If any interference occurs, officials may remove a child from the race at any time.

Athlete Info Guide

Download the Athlete Info Guide for all the details you need to make the race a smooth and fun experience.

Click here to download - Athlete Info Guide

Last updated 26 February 2014.

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